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Book Release

It has taken some courage and a step of faith to do this. Writing has never been a particular talent. However, I have always desired to produce materials that will teach, bless, and encourage people in their walk with the Lord.

In recent months, this desire has intensified and I began to put some feet to the ideas. These two book releases are the starting point of stepping out to what I feel God is leading me.

In these materials, my desire is threefold:

1 - Fill everything with Biblical content. I want the reader to see and be confident that

the Bible is the center and foundation for everything that I write.

2 - Spirit-led teaching. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth, He is our teacher, and He

should be the helper/guide in all this. I want the reader to sense the work of the

Holy Spirit behind anything that is produced.

3 - Easy, simple, and practical reading. I want the reader to be able to read and grasp

what I am saying easily. I want the reader to find easy practical ways to apply what is

learned in their life.

I hope you find them beneficial. If you do, please share them with others.

Feedback is encouraged. Thanks.


(both are available on Amazon in Print or Kindle Form)

Many who are struggling with sickness have the verse concerning Paul's Thorn thrown at them as to why they themselves are sick. Unfortunately, misunderstanding this passage of scripture holds them in a place of bondage and even guilt for wanting to be healed. In this book, I go through an in-depth study on what the "thorn in the flesh" that Paul faced was.

Here is a brief outline.


-The Identity of the Thorn in the Flesh

-The Activity of the Thorn in the Flesh

-Buffeting is Never Described as Sickness

-The Lord's Response to Paul

-The Reason for Paul's Thorn

-Why Some Have Taught Paul's Thorn to be Sickness

-What About Paul's Eyes


Find it here - Amazon

This is a short introduction to the subject of healing found in scripture. I open the book with my testimony and then move into a message of hope and faith outlining some key principles of sickness and healing from the Bible. The book closes with a list of verses and prayers to use in a practical manner for those looking in faith for health.

Here is a brief outline.

-My Story (Pastor Chad relates his life story of dealing with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis)


-A Biblical Foundation For Healing

-The Origin Of Sickness And The Curse

-Jesus, The Remedy

-Healing Is Included

-Receiving By Faith

-Verses About Healing

-Prayers and Proclamations

Find it here - Amazon

Thanks again for your support. Please continue to look for others. Blessings!


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