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Five Questions To Ask Yourself When Considering Taking The COVID-19 Vaccine.

In this article, I will give you five questions to consider when thinking about taking the COVID-19 vaccine. This post is not designed to tell you what to do or to provide you with medical advice. I am not going to direct you to take or not take the vaccine. However, it is here to help you think through some of the questions you should be asking when considering what is in the best interest of your body and health.

It is essential to look into all the information available and make the best and wisest decision based on your best knowledge and understanding. Most importantly, we should make all decisions based upon the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Question One – Where is my trust for the health of my body?

This first question is not to suggest that we don’t go to doctors, get medication or take a vaccine. There may be times for that. I am not someone who opposes doctors or the health care community. But as a Christian, we have to consider and ask ourselves, where does my trust lie?

God has designed our bodies in such a way to fight off sickness and disease. He created us with the ability to “heal” ourselves. Just look at the example of a broken arm; over time, the internal mechanisms that God has put in place bring healing, and the arm is mended together. There are times when our bodies are beyond those natural abilities, and we then need further intervention to restore health.

Concerning COVID-19, are we putting our trust in God and what He has supplied, or are we putting our confidence in medicine? God promises that He is our healer, Exodus 15:26 talks of Jehovah Rapha – The Lord Our Healer or The Lord Who Heals. Our faith needs to in God to take care and sustain our health. That doesn’t necessarily mean that a vaccine should not be taken, but it needs to cause us to think where my hope is. Is it in God, or is it in the vaccine?

Secondly, we also need to consider that God has provided natural foods with minerals and vitamins so our body can function correctly. It says in Genesis 1:29 Then God said, “See, I have given you every plant yielding seed which is on the face of all the earth and every tree which has fruit yielding seed. It shall be food for you. There is wisdom in taking care of our bodies, eating well, exercise, and rest. God provided natural foods for us to eat and sustain us. Common sense also tells us if we are not feeling well not to go to work, or be around others, especially those who are vulnerable or already dealing with health issues.

Question Two - Is the vaccine safe?

I am not an expert in vaccines. I recognize that I have minimal knowledge in the production or manufacturing of vaccines. But I wonder about the safety of a vaccine that has been rolled out in approximately ten months; many claim this is the fastest rollout ever.

There appears to be new technology used in the development of the COVID-19, and it seems there has been limited testing when considering the scale of the rollout of this vaccine. When we had the SARS outbreak in 2003-2004, no vaccine was implemented then; in fact, a SARS vaccine has not been developed yet. There may be other factors involved, but we need to consider that no successful vaccine for SARS virus, which is related to the COVID virus, has been developed in the past 17-18 years.

There are also ingredients in the vaccine, which has never been used in approved vaccines before. For example, one vaccine uses polyethylene glycol, PEG, which can cause mild to severe allergic reactions, depending on the person and their tolerance to that ingredient.

Question Three - Is the vaccine effective?

There are many claims that the vaccines that have been developed and approved are 95 percent effective, which is an incredible accomplishment. I don’t think expecting 100 percent effectiveness would be realistic or attainable. So if the claims are true, that is quite incredible.

What is concerning is that many health and government officials are saying that even with the vaccine, we still have to wear masks, we will have to social distance, that we may still get covid, and that we may still be able to transmit it to others.

Actual effectiveness would seem to indicate that a vaccinated population would be able to go back to the normal that we enjoyed before covid. So, it needs to asked, is a vaccine genuinely effective if we still need to maintain protocols and if we even may get the virus or be able to transmit it to others?

4 – Is it necessary?

I have thought about this from my perspective. Considering the safety and effectiveness questions, as a 50-year-old man, I am thinking is a vaccine necessary? I have checked the government statistics and seen that should I get covid, I have a 99.91% chance of recovery. That means should I get covid, I have a .09% chance of dying from this virus.

Yes, the necessity of a vaccine changes for different people. The seriousness of covid is related to the age and pre-existing conditions of the people that are involved.

So this is a question that each person needs to examine themselves from their age and physical health. But is it necessary?

5 – Is there a moral question?

There has been a lot of talk concerning vaccines and the subject of abortion. Do the COVID-19 vaccines contain aborted fetal cell lines? As far as manufacturers claim, they state they do not contain any aborted fetal cells. They have said that fetal cell lines were not used during the development or production phases. Fetal cell lines were used to perform confirmation tests to ensure the vaccines work, but they say that you will not be injected with any fetal cells or fetal cell lines if you are injected with a vaccine.

This is something that may change with different manufacturers and may change in the future.

Each person must consider this question and determine whether it is ethical to take the covid vaccine.


This is a quick post, and I hope it helps you navigate this question as you consider taking the COVID-19 vaccine. It is important for each person to investigate fully the knowledge that is available to us to make an informed decision regarding the health of our body. Most importantly, pray and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in this decision. He will not lead you wrong.


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