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Tithes and Offering Exhortation - The Priority Of God's House

Here is a ministry resource for pastors and churches. It is a tithes and offering exhortation on giving from 1 Chronicles 29:1-9. It will encourage your church to give and see the blessing of giving in tithes and offerings.

5 MIN OFFERING - 1 Chronicles 29 VS 1-9
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exhortation about tithes & offering

Tithes and Offering Exhortation - 2 Corinthians 9:8-11

Main Verse - 1 Chronicles 29:1-9


When we give unto the Lord willingly, freely, and with a whole heart, great joy comes.


A. The House of God is worthy of the best. Why? This palace is not for a man but the Lord God. “So with all my might I have prepared for the house of my God”

a. Yes, some have taken this to unhealthy extremes, but that is not to be our focus, nor a reason not to give.

b. Often, people think it's only the church, it's good enough. This is a corporate place where we, as the church, gather to enter His presence. We should try to present our best. We should try to portray the best. It should reflect in our behaviour in God’s house. How would you act if invited to an earthly palace? Some would say the money could be used for other things. Was there poor in that day - yes? Were there other noble causes -yes? But it was a necessary priority for the funds to establish God’s dwelling place.

c. Side note: We are His dwelling place; we should try to treat our bodies well with dignity and respect because God lives in us. We may have a beautiful church but not treat our bodily temples well.

B. They gave generously. David gave - and then gave some more.

C. They gave willingly and with their whole heart and freely. This emphasizes the attitude in which we are to give. It should be a blessing, privilege, and honour to give unto God. It brought about great rejoicing.


A. Before you come and bring your tithe/offering (pray and ask God what you should give).

B. When you give. Thank Him for the ability. Thank Him for the finances to give. Do it with honour and worship in your heart.

C. Give in faith with expectation.

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