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Short Offering Message Outline - Why Do We Give

Here is a resource for pastors and churches. It is a short offering message outline from Proverbs 3:9 and Proverbs 11:25. It will encourage your church to give and see the blessing and spiritual significance of giving. A PDF version is also available for download.

5 MIN OFFERING - Why do we Give
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short offering exhortation outline

Outline - Why Do We Give

Main Verse – (Proverbs 3:9 and Proverbs 11:25)


We need financial resources to live in the world. While we are not of the world, we live in the world and are required to live according to the activities of the world. Finances make possible the buying of food, clothes, housing, etc. Finances make possible the ability to make family memories. Finances make possible the ability to bless others.

Giving of tithes and offerings is a scriptural and spiritual activity. There are spiritual significances and blessings that we participate in when we do unto the Lord, with a right heart, and in faith.


Proverbs 3:9 - we are to give to God from our financial resources and to give to Him from the first fruits (first part) of all our income. This is a part of what it means to honor (worship) God. This is also an activity of faith.

Proverbs 11:25 - Attitude in Giving and the Promise received. God is our resource and expectation. When we say I only have enough for myself we are ignoring God, who is unlimited in resource. We are to live and give in a generous fashion and God says that person will be made rich (have more than enough) and will be watered (refreshed) in the same way he gives.


1 - Your tithe should come to the church in which you are fed.

2 - Before you come and bring your tithe/offering (pray and ask God what you should give)? If you ask Him what you are to give and you do so in obedience to Him in faith, you can expect that He will be pleased (faith pleases Him) and God will provide and bless.

3 - When you give. Thank Him for the ability. Thank Him for the finances to give. Do it with honor and worship in your heart. Do it with faith.

4 - Keep it between you and God what you do. Do not let your one hand know what your other hand is doing.

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