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The Nature and Activity of Demons

Often shrouded in mystery and fear, demons have long been subjects of fascination and dread. This exploration will dig deep into "The Nature and Activity of Demons" to shed light on their existence, behavior, and influence.

The terminology used to describe these entities can be perplexing. "Devil" refers to Satan, a slanderer who defames God and those who represent Him. On the other hand, "demon" signifies a spiritual being ruled or controlled by the devil, often incorrectly interchanged with "devil."

To make matters more intricate, the Bible doesn't explicitly support the term "demon possession," as it implies ownership by demons. Instead, the scriptures point to individuals being subject to demonic influence, which can manifest in various ways.

As we go through this topic, we'll explore demons' nature, personality traits, and distinctive abilities. Moreover, we'll uncover demons' multifaceted activities, from deception and entrapment to inflicting physical and emotional distress.

It's crucial to recognize that while Christians belong to Christ, they may still be under the influence of a demon in various aspects of their lives, such as emotional turmoil, evil thoughts, sinful habits, or involvement in the occult. Addressing these issues with compassion rather than shame is essential, as our goal should be to see people set free from the influence of demons.

In this video message and outline, we will look at "The Nature and Activity of Demons" and discover how to resist their negative impact on our lives.

Message Outline:

The Nature and Activity of Demons


A. Devil - One who slanders - Matthew 4:1

B. Demon - heathen god, evil spirit, subject of satan, fallen angel - Mark 7:29

C. Demon Possession - Mark 7:25, Luke 4:33, Mark 5:2, Mark 4:24

D. Roaring Lion - 1 Peter 5:8


A. Personality Traits of Demons

  • Will - Matthew 12:44

  • Emotion - James 2:19

  • Knowledge/Intellect - Acts 19:15

  • Self-awareness - Mark 5:9

  • Ability to speak - Acts 19:15


A. Deception - 1 Timothy 4:1-2

B. Compulsion and Driving - Luke 8:29

C. Defilement - Matthew 12:44-45

D. Infliction of Sickness - Luke 13:11, Mark 9:25

E. Bondage and Enslavement - 2 Timothy 2:26

F. Destruction and Murder - 1 Peter 5:8, John 8:44

G. Harassment, Temptation, Accusation, and Confusion


A. Peace with God

B. Peace within Ourselves

C. Peace of Mind

D. Physical Well-being

E. Harmonious Relationships


As we've uncovered these entities' personality traits and diverse activities, we're better equipped to resist their influence.

Remember what James 4:6-7 says, But He gives more grace. For this reason it says: “God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” Therefore submit yourselves to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

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