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Unlocking the Depths of Truth: A Gospel of John Bible Study

Embarking on a journey through the Gospel of John is like stepping into a profound exploration of the very essence of Christ – the Word, the Son of God. In this transformative Gospel, the revelation of Jesus unfolds, revealing a divine narrative intricately woven with the humanity of our Savior.

I encourage you to participate in this illuminating Gospel of John Bible study, a journey that begins with prayer and seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

As we dive deep into the words of John, let the truths of the Gospel resonate within, challenging preconceptions and inviting a personal revelation of Christ.

bible study of the gospel of John

Unlocking the Depths of Truth

A Gospel of John Bible Study

Join in this adventure of discovery, seeking not merely to understand but to encounter the living Word and experience the transformative power of His revelation. Embrace the journey of a Gospel of John Bible study – a quest to know, love, and live out the truths revealed in God's Word.

The following are the introduction and first self-study guide (pdf format) for your download and use. A new study guide will be added regularly, so come back and check and download it when it's available. Better yet, join our email list and receive a notification when the new material is available.

Please feel free to share and let others know. I want everyone to experience the goodness and richness of God's Word.

Introduction - The Book (Gospel) of John
Download PDF • 43KB

John 1_1-14 Study Notes
Download PDF • 54KB

John 1_15-51 Study Notes
Download PDF • 49KB

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