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What Is The Holy Spirit Like?

Some people think the Holy Spirit is different and even weird. Some, many even in the church, are afraid of the Holy Spirit. Those in the church who are afraid of the Holy Spirit are simply illiterate to what the Bible says about the Holy Spirit. For if we understand what the Bible says about the Holy Spirit we will see that there is nothing to fear.

The simplest way to see what the Holy Spirit is like is to look at Jesus.

The Holy Spirit is exactly like Jesus, just as Jesus is exactly like the Father. In John 14:9 it says, “He who has seen Me (Jesus) has seen the Father.”

Jesus also said of the Holy Spirit – John 16:14-15 - for He will receive from Me (so the Holy Spirit will take and draw upon what is mine) and will declare (reveal or transmit) it to you. In other words, Jesus is saying, the Holy Spirit will demonstrate (show and give an expression of) me to you.

So, when you read the stories of Jesus, understand that this shows us what the Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit are like. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Jesus and He thinks, acts and responds exactly in the same way as Christ.

Jesus was the most pleasant, the gentlest, the most loving, the kindest, the most compassionate, the most incredible person that ever walked the earth. And as He walked and interacted with humanity He demonstrated what the Father and the Holy Spirit are like. This is how the Holy Spirit is. The Holy Spirit is incredibly gentle, the most loving, the most compassionate, the most pleasant and incredible person you can know today.

When the Holy Spirit works in or fills your life He does so in the fullness of these attributes.


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