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10 Characteristics Of A Godly Leader

There are many who teach about leadership, but what we really need to know is what does Godly Leadership Look Like? It is not only important to be trained as leaders but as a Godly leader who can say as Paul did, follow me as I follow Christ - 1 Corinthians 11:1.

In this post, we will look at what qualities are found in Godly leaders.

10 Characteristics Of Godly Leadership

This list is not exhaustive but it gives a foundation. Please feel free to add others.

1. The Godly leader imitates Christ so that those who follow will become more like Christ. If I had to sum up leadership, that would be it.

2. A Godly leader is someone who will choose right, act right, think right, and seek what is correct so that others may follow them to what is right.

3. Godly leadership will purposefully cultivate Godly character in their own life to instill it into the lives of those they lead.

4. A Godly leader is headed in the right direction and does their best not only to turn others from the wrong direction but also to show them the right path over the long term.

5. Godly Leaders have the courage to seek out and obey God and show others how to do the same in a world where very few seek God.

6. Godly leadership leads people toward what is important in life rather than what is temporal, fleeting, and materialistic.

7. Godly leadership looks to benefit others before benefiting themselves. Godly leaders put others ahead of themselves.

8. The Godly leader takes time to listen for the Holy Spirit to speak and lead and teaches others to do the same.

9. Godly leaders are genuine and sincere. They are honest, authentic, and the same whether they are seen or not.

10. Godly leaders are teachable. They will be humble and will hear and learn from others.


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