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11 Thoughts On Vision

Here is a short post about vision. Many of these "thoughts" about vision are things I have gleaned from others as I have studied this subject over the many years of being a pastor, leader, and in my own personal life. PDF version available here.

Note: Each thought is with a scriptural and biblical context in mind. Yet each one applies to every area of life. Whether it be personal, business, or in ministry, God has a vision He wants to give us.

Instructions: Please read through and consider each thought. Then make a note of what ministers, challenges or speaks to you.


Vision is a personal discovery of God's plan for you. Vision is the unwrapping of God's plan or purpose for your life.

Vision can be defined as seeing something come into view as if it were already there.

Vision is not the same as ambition. God freely gives genuine vision, while ambition is typically contrived in our natural self to please ourselves.

A genuine and correct vision is from God and will be characterized by peace. When a vision is from God, it will give peace, not unrest.

Seek and hunger for God first, not for a vision from God. Make relationship with God the priority, and His vision will come as a free benefit. Vision always begins with God, flows from God, and accomplishes His plan.

If vision seems blurred or unclear, start with God's unchangeable purposes and build a vision from these purposes. In other words, build a vision from scripture.

If you want a great vision or be a visionary leader, filling yourself with the Word is nonnegotiable. Our vision flows from our relationship with the Word of God.

Remember, when God gives a vision, He provides for it to be accomplished.

Also remember divine wisdom and direction is obligatory for every vision to flourish. Our trust in God must not only be for the vision itself but also its accomplishment.

Visionary people should base their dreams on the limitless abilities of God rather than the limitations of man. We must see a vision so big that only God can fulfill it! It probably is not from God if you can accomplish the vision in your strength. So don't ask how big your vision is? But ask, how big is your God? Don't let the vision be restricted by what you think you can or can't do or what you think God might do.

We must be single-minded on our vision to see results. There is little value in a vision that is not pursued.

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