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Is Healing in the Atonement? Part 1

In this message, I look at is healing in the atonement? Did Jesus redeem us from our sickness and disease when He made atonement for our sins? Did Christ deliver us from the effects of sin on our physical bodies through the work of the cross?

Since disease entered by sin, the only true remedy can only be found in the redemption provided for by Christ. Redemption being the exchange that Jesus Christ made when He carried out all the activities of coming as a man and fulfilled the payment He provided through His death on the cross, burial, and resurrection. Is divine healing a Biblical promise that can be claimed through the work Christ did for us?

In this message we will see that sin (the fall) brought about sickness and disease. Before the fall, illness of any sort did not exist. The fall, resulted in spiritual and physical death but also in our bodies becoming sick because of the curse of the law. Since that is the case the only remedy for sickness must also be found in the cure to sin.

The Good News is Jesus came to remedy and restore everything that Adam lost. God did not leave us in that state but has made it possible for us to walk free from sin, which includes freedom from disease. We see this plan all throughout scripture from the Redemptive Names of God to the life of Christ. Our Heavenly Father has provided all that we need for our spiritual and physical life. In Luke 4:18 and Acts 10:38 we see that Jesus was anointed to bring freedom and healing. Isaiah 53:3-5 foretold of what Jesus would accomplish when you redeemed us from the curse of the law.

The work of the cross is not partial but complete and whole. Since Jesus has redeemed us from the curse of the law, and sickness is part of the curse, Christ has redeemed us from sickness.

Healing is part of our inheritance. It belongs to us just as much as the forgiveness of sins. It belongs to us because it has been provided for us by Jesus Christ.

This is part one of this series.

is healing in the atonement

Part 1 - What does the Bible say?

If this has encouraged you please feel free to share it with others. God is a good Father and He loves you so much. He is desirous to work in your life all that He has provided.

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