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Part 1 - Eternal Security and Losing Your Salvation - What does the Bible say?

In this 4 part podcast series, we will examine from the Bible the concepts of eternal security (once saved, always saved) with losing your salvation. This first podcast is an introduction to the study. For each podcast, I will outline the scriptures used so you can follow along.

Part 1 - Eternal Security and Losing Your Salvation

What does the Bible say?

Opening Verse that led to this study - Galatians 5:19-21


Definition - BACKSLIDE: Turn back or turn away from God, committing apostasy (departure, rebellion, renouncing), falling away

Thoughts from - ONE SAVED ALWAYS SAVED (Eternal Security)

1 - If someone backslides, it is sure evidence that he was never truly converted.

2 - That a person will be finally saved, though if he does fall away, for God will retreive him in some way, and he will not be lost.

3 - Some believe that our sins, past, present, and future, are all forgiven and that we will go to heaven no matter what we do after being saved.

Supporting Verse often used - 1 John 2:19


A person can become saved (truly converted) and backslide (fall away), and be “lost.”


The eternal security side says once a person is born again, he can never be lost. If this is true, that is a very comfortable doctrine. If it is false, that is an extremely dangerous delusion. However, if losing your salvation side is wrong, they would still be covered by eternal security.


Salvation is based upon faith in Christ. Romans 10:8b-10

Please continue to follow along in this study with the next episode.

Also available on audio podcast.


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Jan 23, 2023

Then it`s no hope for me! I lost the Holy Spirit in 2017 and people telling me that there is grace for me if i only repent. I have repented but i`m still totally empty. No connenction. He`s just not there anymore. I think that i`m a reprobate, then it`s impossibel to believe. Or if i try to believe that it is His presence i feel, and His voice i hear through the bible, then i`m afraid i am decieved by another spririt, which has happened after losing the Holy Spirit, because i have the kundalini spirit which copies the Holy Spirit. The emptiness in me is telling me that i cant be saved anymore. The day God fills me…

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