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The Doctrine Of The Bible

The following is a Bible Study on the Doctrine of the Bible. God desires to reveal Himself. He takes pleasure in making Himself known to His creation. Through the years, He has conveyed His will, purposes, and who He is by speaking to chosen men and revealing Himself. So we want to understand its origin, how it was formed, its authority, inerrancy, and the Divine inspiration behind it.

In this study, we will look at

-The Names of the Scriptures

-The Divisions of the Bible

-The Canon of Scripture

-The Inerrancy of the Bible

-The Inspiration of the Scriptures

-Symbols of the Scriptures found in the Bible

-The Holy Spirit and God's Word

-How the Bible came to us

It includes a video presentation along with message notes.

Here are the message notes.

Download PDF • 106KB

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