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Thoughts Concerning Worship Leading And The Leader

Many in the church do not realize the importance of the praise and worship part of the church service. It is not just a time of singing. It is not just something to do before the message comes. Praise and worship is the exaltation of God, builds faith, encourages the congregation to focus their attention on God, and prepares their heart to receive the Word.

With that in mind, the role of a worship leader is vital. It should always be remembered the worship leader is not a song leader. Their part is not to lead the singing of songs but to lead the congregation in praise and worship that ushers them into the presence of God.

So let me say this. Just because someone can sing doesn't mean they should lead worship. The praise and worship are often handed off to someone who can sing, but my question is, can they lead worship? Indeed, you need someone who can sing and won't distract because they can't sing. But it should be remembered that a good singer doesn't mean a good leader.

In this post, I want to share some thoughts to help praise and worship leaders understand their role. I hope it also enables you to understand the criteria that should be considered when selecting a leader.

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Remember, You Are Leading the Church

A praise and worship leader leads not just the team but the whole congregation. Too many leaders often focus on leading the team and forget they are there to lead everyone involved in the service.

Recognize, It Is Not About You

  • A leader must be humble.

  • A leader must be teachable.

  • They must be dependent upon God.

  • Their focus and attention are first on God.

  • A leader's mindset puts everyone, including the congregation else, first.

  • They have a heart prepared for Praise and Worship.

  • They are worshippers in private, not just when it looks good or on Sunday.

A Praise And Worship Leader Must Be Holy Spirit Led

  • This requires a lifestyle of prayer.

  • As well as a personal lifestyle in the closet of praise and worship.

  • Full dependence upon the Holy Spirit

  • They must remember that dependence upon the Holy Spirit requires a relationship with the Spirit.

  • Be in the Word. The Holy Spirit works and operates according to God's Word. If you are going to recognize the Spirit, you need to know the Bible.


Here are some thoughts on the practical side. What worship leaders should consider when they are putting their service together.

  • Does the Song List fit

  • Think and plan for the congregation involved.

  • The arrangement fits and is congregational in focus.

    • Includes the Keys, Style, Structure

  • The Songs should encourage, build up, and strengthen in faith and relationship with God.

  • The Songs must point to Jesus.

  • Are songs theologically correct?

  • New songs are slowly introduced (see this post for more)

  • Are the team skilled in playing/singing it? Don't try to do a song that the team can't play or sing; it will only distract.

Give A Clear, Strong Direction

  • This should be given to the entire congregation. Remember, you are leading the whole congregation.

  • Present a solid and clear melody (clear trumpet sound, give the sound people enough)

  • Minimize distractions. For example, don't wave at the soundman all the time. Get as much sorted out before the service.

Remember the Goal

  • Remember, the goal or vision of praise and worship is moving from the entrance to the Holy of Holies.

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Some Reasons Why People Don't Sing Or Participate

Sometimes we may wonder why the congregation is not involved. Yes, some people will never sing, no matter what you do. But here are some things to consider if it seems to be an issue beyond a few people.

  • They don’t know the song.

  • The song is not suitable for congregational singing. Not every song that sounds great in concert or on Youtube works in a congregational setting. That also goes for the arrangements. Maybe the song is good, but it needs to be simplified.

  • The key is too high or low.

  • The worship leader isn’t connecting. Like preaching, the worship leader sometimes doesn't have a good week. This can happen. Learn, pray about it, and move on.

This is not an exhaustive list. I hope it helps and gives you something to think about.

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