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Tithes And Offering Exhortation from Matthew 6:19-21

Here is a resource for pastors and churches. This is a 5 minute tithes and offering exhortation - message outline from Matthew 6:19-21. It will encourage your church to evaluate how and what they give reflects their priorities and where their treasure might be. A PDF version is also available for download.

5 Min Giving (Matthew 6_19-21) - Outline
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Tithes and Offering - store up treasures in heaven

Tithes and Offering Exhortation - Matthew 6:19-21

Main Verse – Matthew 6:19-21


Plain Truth: Jesus teaches us the importance of prioritizing heavenly treasures over earthly possessions and how our treasure placement impacts our hearts and priorities.


Eternal Perspective:

-Jesus encourages us not to place our primary focus on accumulating material wealth and possessions on earth, as these are susceptible to decay, theft, and loss. Instead, we should adopt an eternal perspective in all we do, even in our giving, prioritizing heavenly treasures.

Heart Alignment:

-The verse emphasizes that where our treasure is, our heart will also be. This means our priorities and affections are closely tied and shown by where we invest our time, resources (even our finances), and energy.

Generosity and Kingdom Investment:

-Storing up treasures in heaven doesn't mean ignoring practical responsibilities or not planning for the future. Instead, it calls us to use our resources, time, and abilities wisely, giving them generously to invest in God's Kingdom and purposes. When we do, we store treasures in heaven that will endure.


A. Before you come and bring your tithe/offering (pray and ask God what you should give).

B. When you give. Thank Him for the ability. Thank Him for the finances to give. Do it with honor and worship in your heart.

C. Give in faith with expectation.


In summary, this passage urges us to evaluate our priorities and how we allocate our resources, in this context, our giving and finances. Let us ask God to help us so that our hearts will be aligned with God's Kingdom.

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